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A look inside the museum. It could be 95 degrees outside or 25 degrees, but no matter what the temperature outside its always Christmas time at The Party Shop in Warsaw, Indiana. The Party Shop is a 12, 000 square foot Gold Crown Hallmark store, but unlike any other card store you have ever been in. Yes, we carry the areas largest & best selection of Hallmark cards, gifts, collectibles & home decor items, but the main attraction for visitors from all over the Midwest & the country is our Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Museum. The Party Shop Hallmark Ornament Museum has a collection of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments from 1973 to present on public display. The museum is FREE to visitors & groups & open all year round. The Ornament museum has over 5000 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments including, miniature, lighted, Easter, Halloween & Collector Club Ornaments. The museum even has Hallmark Ornaments that weren't officially produced but a few prototypes were made & some error designs. 

This priceless collection is on display in over 30 oak cabins with glass fronts. It's helpful to see the ornaments in a price guide, but when you can actually see every ornament made in person it is amazing. One of the first things you'll see when you start with the early years 1973-1979 is that the vast majority of the ornaments are glass balls and the amount of designs offered was minimal. Over the last couple of years there have been over 300 designs per year. The three dimensional hand crafted ornaments became more popular starting in the 1980s beyond. Every year Hallmark, the leader in Keepsake Ornaments, makes all new Ornament designs. There are Ornaments that appeal to all ages & all types of people. There are many licensed ornaments from Wizard of Oz to Elvis, I Love Lucy & even the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile to name a few. Many shoppers are mesmerized at the number of ornaments to view in the museum and the different types of material used from plastic, resin, porcelain, brass, tin, copper, fabric & even laser cut paper ornaments. What enthralls most people when taken on a tour by curator, David Hamrick, is the value of some of these ornaments today. Hallmark Ornaments range in value from $5 - $500.00. Yes, that is 5 HUNDRED dollars. What some people don't know is that Hallmark offers some of their ornaments in a series. The most well known series by Hallmark is the Frosty Friends series. This series features an Eskimo & animal each year. The series, which is still ongoing today, started in 1980 with the "Cool Yule", an Eskimo & a white polar bear sitting on an ice cube holding song books. This ornament sold for $6.50 in 1980 & today, if you have this ornament in mint condition and in the original box, this ornament is worth up to $500.00. 

The Party Shop does NOT sell any of the ornaments within the Museum. We do have another room full of other Back Issue Hallmark Ornaments in stock from present to 1973. We also have a variety of other Hallmark collectibles, from Merry Miniatures, Miniature Ornaments, puzzles & more. If we do not have an ornament you are looking for, we will try to find it for you. We buy sell & trade Ornaments with collectors all over the world. We have shipped Ornaments to Australia, Japan, Europe & beyond. There are people who enjoy collecting & hunting for the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments all year. If you are looking for a fun trip for your family, church group or bus group contact me to arrange a tour. We are easy to find located on US 30 in Warsaw, IN. We are in Northern Indiana between Ft. Wayne & South Bend. For bus tours we can coordinate with our local visitors bureau other events depending on your needs. Our tours are FREE & we can accommodate groups of 5 - 100. We are tour bus friendly, clean bathrooms, & a lounge area for those in your group who would rather read our local newspaper (guys). We also have a fun Thomas the Train play area for kids of all ages to enjoy. We are a family owned chain of Hallmark stores & would love to have you come visit our area. We have over 100 lakes in our county & an award winning trail bike course nearby. Warsaw & Kosciusko County, Indiana is known as the Orthopaedic Capital of the World, with 4 of the major joint replacement manufactures located in Warsaw, but we also call Warsaw the Hallmark Ornament Capital of the World with our unique Ornament Museum. I hope you'll come & see us so be sure to stop in and say Hi.

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